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Significant advances in studies on genus Anastrepha were done in Brazil since 1970's, mainly due to a better understanding of the taxonomic knowledge of the species. This knowledge was pivotal to capacity building of many researchers, graduate students and technicians that allowed the establishment of many working groups which contribute to increase the knowledge on the Anastrepha fruit fly diversity in Brazil. Thus, new records of Anastrepha species, host plants and parasitoids have been frequently found out and any effort to catalogue these data on a printed version publication becomes outdated rapidly. Therefore, in order to develop a dynamic catalogue for the Anastrepha species in Brazil which could be promptly updated, this online web-based database was implemented.

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    ZUCCHI, R.A. & MORAES, R.C.B. 2008. Fruit flies in Brazil - Anastrepha species their host plants and parasitoids. Available in:, updated on July 8, 2020. Accessed on....

Some Statistical Data

Anastrepha species recorded: 121
Species with hosts known: 61
Species with only one host known: 30
Species with more host associated: A. fraterculus (116) and A. obliqua (51)
Number of host plant families with Anastrepha species associated: 49
Number of host plant species with Anastrepha species associated: 276
Number of Anastrepha species / Main host families:
    19 / Sapotaceae
    17 / Myrtaceae
    11 / Anacardiaceae
    09 / Passifloraceae



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