The first attempts to record the agricultural mites and mainly spider mites (Tetranychidae) in Brazil are those of Braga (1957), Paschoal (1968, 1970) and Mendonça et al. (2011). In this paper a list of Tetranychidae so far reported from Brazil is presented: the first report of each species on a host plant and the State of Brazil and reference are indicated. In a few cases two references are given..

Several host plant records are based on the finding of a single specimen, almost always a female, therefore, require confirmation of host plant status. Even when rather large numbers of spider mites are seen on plants in the vicinity of a highly infested crop, their populations can be only temporarily due to dispersion by wind from the neighbouring crop. Moraes et al. (1995) published a striking example of this.

Common names as well as scientific names were copied (spelled) from the papers as they were published.

Carlos H.W. Flechtmann

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