Welcome to the Department of Entomology

Our mission is to form professionals with a holistic vision and leadership skills for excellence in Entomology and Acarology, and to generate and disseminate knowledge to meet the demands of society for sustainable solutions of problems involving insects and mites.

Insect Collection

The ESALQ Insetc Collection gathers approximately 6,000 species with photos. Click here.


Biological data of species from the Piracicaba region. Click here.

Fruit Flies in Brazil

Anastrepha and Ceratitis capitata in Brazil. Click here.

Thysanoptera in Brazil

Thrips species recorded in Brazil. Click here

Phytoseiidae Database

Taxonomic information about the Acari species: AscidaeBlattisociidaeMelicharidae e Phytoseiidae.

Trichogramma species

Trichogramma species deposited in ESALQ (Entomology) - collection from 1985 to 2007. Click here.