Research areas

Arthropod-plant-microbe Interactions

Interactions in Insects

  • Fernando Luis Cônsoli        

Chemical Ecology and Insect Behavior

  • José Maurício Simões Bento      

Insect Vectors of Plant Pathogens

  • João Roberto Spotti Lopes  

Pathology and Arthropod-Microbe Interactions

  • Italo Delalibera Junior


Integrated Pest Management Strategies

Biological Control

  • José Roberto Postali Parra   
  • Gilberto José de Moraes  

Integrated Pest Management

  • Pedro Takao Yamamoto  

Pest Resistance Management Programs to Different Control Tactics

  • Celso Omoto                    

Resistance of Plants to Insects

  • José Djair Vendramim    


Taxonomy and Bioecology


  • Gilberto José de Moraes         

Insect Biology

  • José Roberto Postali Parra      

Insect Ecology

  • Wesley Augusto Conde Godoy        

Molecular Ecology of Arthropods

  • Alberto Soares Corrêa             

Forestry Entomology

  • Wesley Augusto Conde Godoy        

Taxonomy of Insects of Agricultural Importance

  • Roberto Antonio Zucchi